Duck à l’Orange


What is a Duck à l'Orange?

Duck a l'Orange, or "Canard à l'Orange" in French, is a dish which consists of a roasted duck served in a thick orange sauce that is balanced between bitterness and sweetness. The origin of this dish is unclear, however the dish we know today was perfected in Paris France.

Franck Food's Duck à l'Orange?

The dish is really about the sauce! The duck legs are first flame grilled to give a hint of smoky flavour. We prepare our duck stock and combine it with freshly peeled oranges to get the sweetness needed. Orange zest and orange liqueur are added to balance the sauce and keep the orange flavour at a maximum. We then combine the meat with sauce and slow cook everything together to bring a beautiful flavoursome dish!


This dish pairs well with a variety of wines. If you are going with white wine, a desert type wine such as a Gewürztraminer or a Sauterne pairs well. If red wine is your thing, then a good shiraz is needed.