Toulouse Sausages with Lentils


What are Toulouse Sausages?

Toulouse Sausages or "Saucisses de Toulouse" are simple coarse pork sausages originating from Toulouse in the South West of France. The ingredients are usually pork meat, pork belly, salt and pepper.

And the Toulouse Sausages with Lentils dish?

This is an old classic dish from Toulouse. In France it is one of the many common dishes that people have on their dinner table, it is easy to make and is very filling. Our recipe comes straight from the source! To start, we flame grill our homemade sausages, after which we combine them to the lentils and onions prepared beforehand. We then add a beautiful duck stock to the contents and slowly cook everything together for all the flavours to combine. Check out our recipe page for more serving suggestions.


Generally any good red wine pairs well with this dish. Anything from a rich Merlot to a light Pinot Noir, whichever suits your preference.